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Continuous solution

Continuous and Self-Cleaning

Cylindrical breaker

A wide filtering area


Very Compact and Solid

Uninterrupted melt flow

Thanks to two channels and four valves


Processing: Manually operated, Continuous and Self-Cleaning
Type of material: Steel
Filtering area: Up to 600 cm² (93 in²)
Heaters: Flat
Material status: Very suitable for moderately contaminated materials
Operating temperature: Up to 300° C (572° F)
Pressure: Up to +500 bar (+7.250 psi)
Hourly capacity: Up to 1.000 kg/h (2.200 pounds)
Products: PE, PP, ABS, PET, PS, and more
Applications: Film, Sheet, Mono filaments, Bioriented films, Pipe, Tubing, Fibers, and more

The renewed series of AP screenchangers is a perfect synthesis between simple use and technological innovation.
This series was born to meet the demand of plants where it is important to keep the extruders running and where superior material filtration is an asset.
The originality of this solution by Cofit makes it possible to clean the filter cartridges without the need to remove them from the screenchanger and without interrupting the extrusion process.
The AP incorporates two filter cartridges. The cleaning is done in one filter cartridge at a time. When one filter cartridge is being automatically cleaned, the melt continues to flow through the second filter cartridge.

AP, general features
The filtering cartridges are cleaned or replaced without having to interrupt the production enabling the attainment of extreme uniformity of the plastic material. AP is Self-Cleaning, the screens consumption is reduced to the minimum.
Thanks to an exclusive Cofit patent, the filter cartridges are cleaned without being taken out of the screen changer. Being able to clean the screens means that their replacement is required only periodically, when they have become completely obstructed. Screen replacement is done without interruption of the extrusion process.
AP is Solid, Reliable and Durable. It is made from a steel body for a low maintenance, trouble free life.
There are no moving parts to be driven by hydraulic or pneumatic power units.
Nickel plating provides high protection against wear.

AP Advantages
- AP is Economical
- No hydraulic or pneumatic units are involved
- No control panel is required
- Maintenance is nearly inexistent
- It is incredibly strong and durable
- The self-cleaning feature makes the operation of the AP the most economical of all screenchangers

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