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Automatic solution

For High contamination - Post consumer and Compounding

For film grade too

Up to 80 microns of filtration level

rolls connection

simply weld the two rolls extreme

Perfect screen extraction

Two exit rolls to drive out the screen

Technical data

Processing: Automatic
Type of material: Steel
Filtering area: Up to 1.050 cm² (163 in²)
Heaters: Armored – Ceramic
Material contamination: Very High
Operating temperature: Up to 300° C (572° F)
Hourly capacity: Up to 3.000 kg (6.600 pounds)
Pressure: Up to 210 bar (3.045 psi)
Polymers: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, ABS, PS...
Products and Applications: pelletized product for film grade too
Max filtration level: 80 microns (190 mesh)
Max impurities dimension: 10 mm

The molten material is conveyed by an extruder through the filtering screen. Melt leakages are totally prevented by a pair of cylinders sealing the screen pass-through openings. The impurities contained in the extrudate accumulate on the screen surface increasing the pressure on it. When the differential between inlet and outlet melt pressure exceeds the set threshold, or as an alternative the preset timer value has elapsed, a dedicated valve closes the melt flow channel and both sealing cylinders open to let the filtering screen advance. The contaminated screen section is thus replaced by a clean one.
During the screen replacement, the extrusion run is not interrupted, the extruder goes on conveying the melt into an accumulator cylinder. As soon as the clean screen section is properly positioned, the sealing cylinders close and the unit is airtight sealed. The entry valve opens and the accumulator cylinder, slowly pushed forwards, re-conveys the accumulated melt onto the flow channel. As soon as the cylinder has completed its return, it goes back to start position, the screen changing cycle is terminated.

GORILLABELT, general features
In secondary plastics recycling and re-pelletizing, impurity filtering is playing an increasingly important role. The quality of the filtering process determines the quality level of the final recycled material, its scope and fields of application, as well its price on the market. The screenchanger GORILLABELT can be employed for filtering highly contaminated plastic materials, e.g. agricultural or building films or post consumer materials. GORILLABELT filtering system involves automatic replacement of clean filtering screen at change. Even with the most contaminated materials, GORILLABELT screenchanger ensures several filtering screen changes. Screen changing takes less than two minutes.
The key strength of GORILLABELT screenchanger lies in its automatic operation. Based on programmable setups, operation of GORILLABELT screenchanger does not require any operator intervention, except for screen belt replacement (the belt is 50m long). The screen belt replacement interval depends on the level of impurities and dirt contained in the filtered material. Filtering belt replacement takes about 10 minutes. Material waste is reduced to minimum. Due to the special GORILLABELT screenchanger technology and design, only dirt, impurities and plastics sticking onto the filtering screen surface are discarded – a remarkable advantage to be considered as waste disposal costs are elevated. The user can rely upon a remote assistance service via GORILLABELT screenchanger LAN connection. Through Remote Assistance any operation fault can be easily assessed and fixed, as well as control software updates can be quickly carried out. Remote Assistance ensures utmost production efficiency and optimized intervention times, besides minimized downtimes.

- Specifically suitable for filtering highly contaminated thermoplastics
- Fully automatic operation. It does not require any operator intervention
- Material waste is reduced to minimum. Only dirt, impurities and plastics sticking onto the filtering screen surface are discarded
- The plant manager can rely upon a remote assistance service via GORILLABELT screenchanger LAN connection

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