Better, faster, smarter extrusion with Cofit screen changers


Better, faster, smarter extrusion with Cofit screen changers

The trend in plastic extrusion is rapidly moving towards the use of recycled materials. Of course, these materials typically contain high amounts of impurities and contaminants that need filtering out of the molten material.

Increasing quality and optimizing costs in recycled plastic extrusion

Manual screen changer operation requires personnel, to check filtration process and replace filters; which means increasing costs, frequent system downtimes, low throughput, low quality. An automatic / continuous solution would significantly improve your process and optimize line costs and general management.

We think it’s the key. Materials with high amounts of impurities are hard to filter with traditional screen changers; if your system cannot filter highly-contaminated recycled materials with the utmost efficiency, you cannot make the cheapest choice for your raw materials – neither you can produce top quality extrudate, nor optimize costs. Screen changers have a direct impact on your whole business.

Cofit screen changers can be a strategic choice for you

Cofit can provide you with solutions to get a better, faster, smarter plastic extrusion system. We are certain that screen changers play a key role in post-consumer and post-industrial equipment. We are totally focused on engineering and manufacturing the most innovative screen changers for plastic extrusion machines.

Cofit screen changers are the ideal products to prevent shutdowns due to clogged screen packs, or other maintenance inconvenient. With Cofit automatic and continuous screen changers you will not need any operator controlling the filtering process.

Cofit screen changers are designed to support processing of a wide variety of thermoplastics, so whether you work with one polymer only or many, Cofit screen changers will match your process requirements.

And the last issue but not the least, Cofit takes care of your investments. With Cofit screen changers in your recycling extrusion line, the Return On Investment is extremely short.

Cofit screen changer benefits

All Cofit screen changers help to enhance the quality of your final product, increase the output and reduce downtimes. Furthermore, with Cofit screen changers you can:

  • recycle any kind of plastic, even highly-contaminated post-consumer materials, the hardest material to filter. You will be able to consider new perspectives in your business, and to recycle low-cost materials you never thought you could.
  • put your system at work 24/7, without any line shut down for ordinary maintenance or manual filter replacement.
  • increase your extrusion system throughput, Cofit screen changers are specially made for filtering at the highest output rates of your extrusion line – your system can produce more, and faster.
  • reduce waste: Cofit new top-of-the-line screen changer waste is lower than 1% of the whole production. You can produce more, and more efficiently.
  • reduce power consumption: all Cofit screen changers are based on the power-saving concept, you can save power and money.
  • reduce maintenance: Cofit screen changers do not require frequent maintenance, or they nearly do not require any maintenance at all!
  • minimize wear: all Cofit screen changers are entirely made in Italy, they are manufactured with components of highest quality, assembled with extreme care, and they are designed for minimum wear.

Filtration of any polymer type

Cofit screen changers can filter most of the plastic materials and polymers: PET, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, ABS, PS, PE, PC, Nylon 6 and 6.6, PMMA, PA and more.

Cofit screen changers are suitable for most applications: film, sheet, compounding, wire & cable, pipe, profiles, blown film, blow molding, housing, irrigation, pellets, recycling (post-industrial and post-consumer), tapes, technical items, and more.

Engineering your extrusion line

If you have any doubt or need help in engineering your plant or your extrusion line, Cofit can help you. Cofit can engineer your extrusion plant and design your production line with top-quality screen changers.


We take care of your personnel training. When a Cofit system is set up and ready to start, your personnel will be trained by our specialists –they will know how to configure and use all equipment properly and safely.

Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacture and distribution of automatic and continuous screen changers for post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials, too.

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