CofitLab - research engineering in screen changer


CofitLab - research engineering in screen changer

CofitLab is our special R&D laboratory, committed to research, engineering and customer materials test, as well as to the development of innovative screen changer solutions for plastic recycling lines, too.

The cutting edge screenchanger series Gorillabelt T has been engineered at CofitLab. The new internal research and development laboratory started in 2017 at Cerro Maggiore factory. The lab involves a permanent complete extrusion line, for testing Cofit prototypes, as well as to run trials with customer materials.

Technology innovation in screen changers and recycled plastic extrusion

An essential added value, Cofit attitude to technology-applied innovation and product development. Each screen changer manufactured by Cofit is the visible result of years of research and fine tuning. CofitLab is the place where new screen changers take their ultimate form.

Increasing performance, reducing costs

Research at CofitLab is aimed at the following goals:

  • increasing the extrusion system performance
  • increasing automation, decreasing operator interventions
  • saving energy
  • reducing material waste
  • reducing costs in maintenance, control systems and management
  • improving the impact on the environment

Filtering and recycling increasingly contaminated materials

Moreover, CofitLab attention is focused on materials, including post-consumer ones. Cofit screen changers can process highly contaminated materials, both post-industrial and post-consumer, at the utmost filtering levels. Your extrusion systems will produce plastics for more applications, starting from highly-polluted materials.

Bring us your materials – let us test our screen changers

Testing your materials with CofitLab is easy. Send a sample of your materials to CofitLab in Cerro Maggiore (MI) – Italy. We will arrange an extrusion session involving the screen changer you prefer to test, and we will measure its performance rates. We will be pleased to send you back some samples of clean product, so you can check it accurately.

If you cannot join us at CofitLab and watch the live trials, we will reach you in a streaming live video anywhere in the world you may be.

Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacture and distribution of automatic and continuous screen changers for post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials, too.

Contact us to test your materials with our screen changers, download 3D schemes of our products, contact us to upgrade your extrusion system, ask us for more info about any product; follow us on Linkedin.