Cofit North America


Cofit North America

Cofit North America provides sales, pre-sales and after-sales support in USA, Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, Cofit North America is representative of other manufacturers of plastic extrusion equipment. Cofit North America is presently distributing products by Erema, Bausano and Lorandi.

Reducing costs and increasing performances in plastic extrusion

If you are from North America and you need to set up a new extrusion line, increase the performance of your actual extrusion system or to reduce your production costs, Cofit North America can help you. Cofit North America provides pre-sales, startup and after-sales support and can help you to choose the best filtering solutions, including automatic / continuous screen changer, to enhance your extrusion system.

Cofit North America products are suitable in plastic extrusion lines for many different sectors; agriculture, automotive, building, packaging, food, plastic, polymers, textile, medical, and many others.

Pre-sales support is directly guaranteed on site by chief technicians.

Cofit North America represents the leading companies in plastic extrusion

Beside selling Cofit screen changers, Cofit North America offers components and systems by third parties: Cofit North America sells products and components of the most renowned Italian and European companies, to optimize your plastic extrusion system performances.

Quick support and assistance in USA, Canada, Mexico

To guarantee quick support and assistance to customers in the USA, in Canada and Mexico, Cofit North America is ready to provide spare parts ready on stock. Parts can be immediately delivered from two warehouses in California and North Carolina. This measure ensures the quickest assistance service in North America.

Assistance and spare parts for any product by Cofit North America partners, are immediately available in USA, Canada and Mexico, too.