Automatic and continuous screen changer for heavy recycling and high filtration levels.

The only zero melt waste solution on the market.

Gorillabelt T is our most innovative automatic and continuous screen changer for plastic recycling. Gorillabelt T is a patent pending product.


The system asset lies in its continuity. Gorillabelt T guarantees uninterrupted melt flow without any significant pressure peak during screen changings. The material normally flows through two melt channels, each channel has a screen belt filtering impurities. Each channel features two valves to close it when required and one mechanical knee to move the plate that sticks together with the breaker to make a seal and prevent any melt leaks.

Anytime the pressure value reaches the set threshold, the screen change process starts. The two valves close the channel, the plate is moved of few millimeters to let the screen free to advance and replace the dirty section with a clean and fresh one. Once the filtering screen has been changed, the two valves reopen the channel. The whole cycle lasts about 10 seconds.


Thanks to this innovative screen changer, performances of your production line can be enhanced as follows:

  • zero polymer loss during cleaning cycle
  • production of excellent quality materials with zero or extremely low levels of impurities
  • use of smart raw materials, e.g. highly-contaminated post-consumer plastic, up to 10% of contamination level
  • extrusion of most thermoplastics, including PET
  • automation level increase,easily programmable and user friendly controls
  • increase of output rates
  • reduction of personnel costs involved in manual operation
  • reduction in system shutdowns
  • reduction of maintenance interventions
  • reduction of energy consumption
  • reduction of personnel involved
  • 24/7 uninterrupted production, with no interruptions or downtimes


Industry 4.0 ready

Gorillabelt T is the first step towards Industry 4.0 – ready extrusion project. The screen changer has been designed in compliance with the most advanced automation trends and data exchange procedures in manufacturing technologies. According to Industry 4.0 model, Gorillabelt T screen changer will communicate and cooperate in your smart factory with your extrusion system components. Beyond providing basic digital interface for main tune and data display, GorillaBelt T will automatically interact with other components, taking autonomous decisions on pressure – temperature fine tuning, and other components behavior.


Gorillabelt T is suitable for many different applications and industry sectors: agriculture, automotive, building, packaging, food, plastic, textile, medical, and more.


Cofit Gorillabelt T screen changer is specifically suitable for filtering up to highly-contaminated thermoplastics, e.g. agricultural or building films or post-consumer materials. Gorillabelt T can easily manage any kind of pollution; metal, wood, paper, textile fibers, unmolten plastic, aluminum, sand, and more.


The Gorillabelt T screen changer is fully automatic. Based on programmable setup in the machine-integrated control system, Gorillabelt T screen changer does not require any operator intervention, with essential and easy maintenance.


Zero melt waste during screen changing. Due to the special Gorillabelt T screen changer technology and design, only dirt, impurities and plastics stuck onto the filtering screen surface are discarded. During cleaning, material loss is irrelevant.


Gorillabelt T operates at high process parameters: temperature up to 300 °C, pressure up to 300 bar, output rates up to 3.000 kg/h.


The production executive can rely upon permanent remote assistance service via Gorillabelt T screen changer LAN connection, provided an existing Internet access. Through a special Remote Assistance module, any process failure can be easily assessed and fixed, as well as control software quickly updated. Besides minimizing downtimes, the Remote Assistance ensures utmost production efficiency and optimized intervention times.


Processing: Automatic and continuous
Filtering area: up to 1200 cm²
Material contamination: Very High, +10%
Impurities: Any kind
Hourly capacity: +3.000 kg/h (+6.600 pounds)
Polymers: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PET, PS, ABS, PC, PA, PMMA, and more
Products and Applications: Pellet, film, sheet, pipe, cable, profile, and more
Max filtration level: 50 microns (270 mesh)
Max energy Consumption: 25 kWh



Gorillabelt T screen changer detail - Cofit International


Gorillabelt T 3D ANIMATION

Watch a 3D animation with detailed explanations of Gorillabelt T internal operation

Gorillabelt T on duty / 1

Gorillabelt T running PE with silicone with filtration level equal to 100 microns

Gorillabelt T on duty / 2

Gorillabelt T running floral PET with filtration level equal to 100 microns

Gorillabelt T on duty / 3

Gorillabelt T running PP (mfi 50) with filtration level equal to 100 microns

Gorillabelt T on duty / 4

Gorillabelt T running PP post-consumer with filtration level equal to 200 microns


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3D Scheme Cofit

Soon the Gorillabelt T layout drawings will be available for download. Please, follow us for further updates.


Cofit screenchangers training

When a Gorillabelt T screen changer is set up and ready to start, we take care of your personnel training.

Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacture and distribution of automatic and continuous screen changers for post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials, too.

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