Plastic extrusion screenchangers – worldwide market analysis 2020-2024

Plastic extrusion screenchanger worldwide market analysis - 2020-2024

This excerpt from an important report clarifies which are major trends shaping worldwide plastic extrusion screenchanger market over the next years.

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The importance of screenchangers in plastic extrusion systems

Screenchangers intended for plastic extrusion systems are advanced complex devices playing a key role in plastic production lines, even more in production systems using post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic.

Along plastic extrusion processes, screen changers have the primary purpose of filtering impurities with no need for extrusion process interruption to replace filters.

Screenchangers – important and strategic solutions in several industrial sectors

Screenchangers are used in plastic thermoforming processes where impurity residues from recycled plastic clog the filter, and process interruption required for manual filter replacement would be ineffective and costly.

Therefore, a state-of-the-art top-notch automatic and continuous screenchanger like Cofit Gorillabelt T proves to be an essential component in a plastic production system, thus becoming strategic in a production business plan, because:

  • It offers the chance to achieve a 24×7 production, provided that its filtering action is continuous and uninterrupted.
  • It zeroes process surveillance and manual interventions – in other words, it minimizes personnel costs.
  • It offers the chance to use large quantities of cheap and easy-to procure raw materials, e.g. post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • It offers the chance to implement circular economy model as it reuses plastic materials that would otherwise be disposed of.
  • It is fully automatable, and it offers self-setting either independently or according to instructions provided by other systems, in compliance with industry 4.0 model.

Numberless industrial sectors exploit plastic extrusion and rely upon several screenchangers: pipe and profile, film and sheet, compounding, resin production, blow moulding, nonwovens and other special materials.

Achieving top performing plastic manufacturing systems

Within the scope of plastic extrusion, the right screenchanger to filter materials can make the difference between profit and loss. The chance to avoid production process interruptions to replace filters results in increasing overall system productivity and eliminates downtimes – this means you can rely upon top performing plastic extrusion process.

Analysis: the market is keeping on offering innovative solutions for the future

According to a recent report on global screenchanger industry, the screenchanger market will continuously develop over the next 5 years (2019 – 2020), offering innovative solutions; screenchanger manufacturers will characterize the sector by entering frequent acquisitions and strategic alliances, making these interventions key strategies to strengthen their presence in the market.

In the meantime, the same companies are going to focus on optimizing their product range and developing further added-value characteristics aimed at increasing their profit margins.

Analysis: investments in worldwide screenchanger market

Geographically, global continuous screenchanger market is segmented in 5 main areas: Northern America, Europe, China, India and Rest-of-the World (RoW). Industrialization process in developing countries is increasing further because of low labour costs. Therefore, the demand for continuous screenchangers is keeping on increasing.

Today, the cost of screenchangers in the USA and in Europe is much higher than in China or other developing countries, since screenchangers manufactured in the USA and in Europe offer much higher quality and power. Within this framework, developing countries such as China and India could be more capable of attracting investments due to their potential demand for screenchangers.

Where to invest

Thanks to the reference market strong competitiveness and the global economic recovery trend, investors are still optimistic about operating in developing countries because new investments are expected to be made in the near future.

Therefore, market is becoming increasingly competitive. Consequently, in the aforementioned report on the one hand players owing the required capitals are recommended to invest in the sector, on the other hand the need for competitive technological advantages as well as proven production and sales structures is strongly highlighted. Without innovative technology and supporting structures capital investments could turn out to be unprofitable.

Analysis: screenchanger market growth over the forecast period 2020-2024

According to the aforementioned study, worldwide continuous screenchanger market growth is expected to record a +4.0% CAGR approx. over the next 5 years (2020 – 2024). The relevant overall market value is expected to reach 220 million USD in 2024, starting from current 170 million USD in 2019.

The most advanced zero-melt-waste screenchanger

Cofit has been designing and manufacturing automatic and continuous screen changers intended for plastic recycling for over 50 years. Cofit innovation-oriented systems are manufactured in Italy and in the USA and distributed throughout the world. Today, Gorillabelt T is considered the most advanced screenchanger on the market.

Find out more about Cofit screen changers on our website, contact us for any additional information, and join us on LinkedIn.

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