Cofit EREMA Discovery Days 2018

EREMA Discovery Days 2018
27-29 June 2018
Ansfelden, Austria

The circular economy is the order of the day. And one of the big issues for the plastics and recycling industry of the future. In order for the circular economy to be successful on a widespread basis and to unleash its full potential we as plastics industry have to question a number of things and take a new approach. The future calls for innovative ideas and concepts – ones that span processes, companies and industries. But we don‘t have to reinvent everything. Because we already have effective solutions, effective technologies and creative (recycled) products in many areas.

We aim to take a look at both levels at the EREMA DISCOVERY DAYS 2018 and journey into the future together with you and notable experts to identify and discuss possible requirements for you and the industry. Plus, we will put the spotlight on current best practice examples, lighthouse projects and technologies which are already taking effect and ensure a strong performance for you – the focus is on solutions for post-consumer recyclers and production waste recyclers.

We are convinced that the circular economy is a trigger for cooperation and collaboration. And this is why it is a pleasure for us to hold this event together with notable partners and key players in the plastics value chain.