Processing post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic in extrusion

Processing post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic in extrusion

A screenchanger to process post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic is a strategic solution for your plastic extrusion business.

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According to circular economy guidelines, today the use of recycled plastic in industrial production processes is almost mandatory.

In particular, the requirement of using highly contaminated post-industrial or post-consumer materials is not due to economic reasons only but also and above all to reasons connected with ethics, environment protection, preservation of planet’s natural resources, and general production sustainability.

Today, thinking about screenchangers that prove to be suitable for processing post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic can be a competitive technological solution as well as a decisive strategic choice for your plastic extrusion business.


Doing business in plastic manufacturing by extrusion process requires special attention and considerable changes in past practices. Nowadays, the use of virgin raw materials is an increasingly expensive, less accessible, and environmentally less and less sustainable solution.

On the contrary, the use of recycled raw materials minimizes procurement costs, thus resulting in immediate savings within the overall production system.

Specifically, procuring post-industrial recycled raw materials has much lower costs if compared with the use of virgin raw materials; all the more, the use of highly contaminated post-consumer recycled materials offers the benefit of ever reduced costs against maximized quality. Highly contaminated post-consumer recycled materials have lower costs, besides being almost inexhaustible and easily available.


The use of raw materials like recycled plastic from post-industrial sources and highly contaminated post-consumer recycled plastic fully commits to circular economy guidelines: do not create new plastic, use the existing one; do not discard it, recycle it; it’s available in large quantities, anywhere, and it is cheap.

It is essential to understand that this choice is not just a matter of technology and operation – it is a strategic solution. It offers the chance to thoroughly change your production business economic indicators. Within the scope of plastic market competition, this choice is remarkable and makes you enhance your competitiveness.


Therefore, the use of post-industrial and post-consumer materials is extremely advantageous for any plastic extrusion system. Nevertheless, post-industrial and post-consumer materials require top-notch technology capability. In other words, the processing of highly contaminated post-consumer materials requires top filtering efficacy, the aim being to obtain high quality clean plastic.

Cutting-edge filtering solutions are essential to get clean impurity-free plastic products. In this respect, an automatic and continuous screenchanger – specifically designed for post-industrial and post-consumer plastic – turns into a crucial strategic choice for plastic production businesses.

Only the most advanced screenchangers meet these needs. Gorillabelt T screenchanger can process contaminated post-consumer plastic exceeding 10% impurity level – regardless the kind of impurities and delivering 50-micron filtering capacity (270 mesh).

Moreover, screenchanger filtering characteristics shall offer automatic plastic production; dismiss expensive surveillance functions and human interventions which are typical of standard screenchangers and other ordinary maintenance interventions.

Likewise, filtration solutions shall offer uninterrupted production, as in the case of film, sheet, cable, tubing, or other “continuous” product manufacturing.

In this regard, Gorillabelt T is a top-performing screenchanger: its operation is fully automatic and continuous, and its recycled plastic processing capacity is up to +3,000 kg/h, without any operation interruption or operator’s intervention.


How to equip your extrusion system with the right screenchanger? The most effective choice is to equip it with a top-notch automatic and continuous screenchanger offering high filtering capacity like Gorillabelt T, thus making a major competitive strategic choice – to strengthen your business, enhancing production output and competitiveness, minimizing issues and costs, and improving business ethics.

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