Research and development in extrusion - Cofit


Research and development in extrusion - Cofit

Cofit deals with research and development in the field of screen changers for extrusion systems.

If you are interested in writing and broadcasting news and infos about screen changers for plastic extrusion sector, you are likely to know the brand Cofit. The company has been in the plastics sector for +50 years, focusing on automatic / continuous screen changers for extrusion systems.

The plastic market always wants more

The plastic market is currently asking for more and more complex, faster, smarter, and better-quality solutions in extrusion plants. This involves optimization of devices, materials, processes, and technologies.

Cofit thinks that innovation is key in plastic extrusion technology. Cofit is focused on a niche product of the plastic extrusion systems: screen changers. Cofit screen changers are key components of extrusion lines.

Evolving on materials is becoming a top issue in plastics. Fewer and fewer extrusion lines are processing virgin materials; this is essentially due to high costs and environmental reasons. Still, once you you decide to use recycled plastics, you require specific and innovative solutions to treat and clean it from impurities and contaminants. Then, you will obtain good quality products from recycled plastics.

Screen changer – a key issue in plastic extrusion

Screen changer is a key issue in thermoplastic processing. Any transformer willing to enhance the production lines, is asked to reflect upon the following arguments.

  • Filtering: If you want to produce high-quality clean plastic from contaminated recycled materials, you need to filter it properly. The higher the contamination, the more advanced your screen changer must
  • Saving: If you want to save money by processing cheap raw materials, you need a very advanced screen changer to filter them.
  • Automation: If you want to run your system 24/7 to maximize your production, you need an advanced automatic / continuous screen changer not requiring frequent human interaction and maintenance. You must select a screen changer that needs limited operator interventions, saving personnel costs too.
  • Production: If you want to produce uninterruptedly, you need an automatic and continuous screen changer that will not stop production while filtering plastics.
  • Going green and eco-friendly: Power-saving and low consumption machinery are a must,together with the reduction of the environmental

We feel innovation inside

Cofit is continuously engineering new solutions. Innovation is in our gene pool. This is the reason why we started CofitLab, whose mission is the support to research and development of new technological options and solutions for screen changers for extrusion systems.

Plastic recycling is ethical, before being economical

The market of plastic production is rapidly moving towards recycling. Before being a matter of money saving, it is the environment-friendly ethical choice that Cofit wholeheartedly supports.

As a consequence, the massive need for plastic recycling equipment is currently driving the plastic market to ask for more and more advanced extrusion systems. They must be capable of filtering heavily contaminated materials, as well as of producing cleaner and cleaner products.

This is quickly becoming true in any sector. Cofit is particularly attentive in the optimization of recycled plastic extrusion systems for many different sectors: agriculture, automotive, building, packaging, food, plastic, polymers, textile, medical, and more.

The leading reasons for research and engineering in plastics

Research in the plastic processing field is basically led by next-gen increasingly contaminated materials. The ultimate goal is a top-quality final product.

Years ago, top-quality applications from recycled plastic could only come from lightly contaminated materials. Nowadays, high-quality products can be obtained from cheap raw materials, thanks to refined processing and innovative solutions in filtering and in screen changer technology.

Producing higher quality products needs the application of state-of-the-art advanced technologies. This is the reason why innovation of a screen changer and its introduction onto the market takes years and years of engineering and trials.

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