Simple and reliable screen changers for continuous extrusion

Simple and reliable screen changer for continuous extrusion

The right screen changer is a key component to achieve unrivalled efficiency in a continuous plastic extrusion system intended for the production of top quality applications.

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The right choice is to equip a continuous extrusion system with a screenchanger without any components subject to wear or tear and breakage (i.e. motors, and hydraulic or pneumatic components): it is the best way to maximize continuous extrusion system efficiency for the production of thermoplastic film, in particular for top-quality – food or medical – applications.

Continuous extrusion – efficiency is a key factor

In a continuous plastic extrusion system, overall efficiency is a key factor. Minimizing operation interruptions due to system failures, maintenance interventions, component replacement, and cleaning enables unrivalled efficient uninterrupted production and production cost effectiveness.



Screen changers are essential to continuous extrusion systems

In such a scenario, screen changers are essential for 2 key reasons:

  • They enable the production of top quality applications and offer unrivalled system profitability ensuring high filtering levels. A high-filtration screen changer offers the chance to manufacture medical or food applications, which are subject to high-demanding end quality requirements.
  • Continuous screen changers with complex internal systems require frequent maintenance interventions, often turning into production cycle interruptions or slowdowns, thus affecting the overall system efficiency.

Why does a screen changer impact on continuous extrusion system performances?

In particular, screen changers equipped with motors, or hydraulic components, or pneumatic components, can significantly impact on extrusion system performances for the following reasons:

  • Complex and multifaceted components make screen changers expensive at purchase and complex to be set up and adjusted.
  • They are likely to suffer damages rapidly under continuous operation conditions.
  • They require specific check stages and longer setting up.
  • They require regular maintenance scheduling and frequent cleaning.
  • Operation interruptions affect overall production efficiency.

It is clear that the above issues significantly affect production and overall system efficiency.

Improving continuous extrusion system efficiency

How to overcome the outlined issues and improve continuous extrusion system efficiency? Relying upon a simpler continuous self-cleaning screen changer, purposedly designed for continuous operation and unrivalled efficiency, and featuring the following:

  • No hydraulic or pneumatic components and internal motors
  • Self-cleaning and no maintenance needs to zero production downtimes due to cleaning or manual interventions
  • Enabling interventions without filtering interruptions
  • Minimized cost.

Cofit AP screen changers

Screen changers from AP series by Cofit are designed and manufactured to be included in continuous plastic extrusion systems offering unrivalled efficiency and intended for top-quality applications, medical and food ones included.

Cofit AP screen changers are designed to operate without motors, or hydraulic or pneumatic components. An AP screen changer is virtually indestructible and, if included in a top-performing continuous extrusion system, extends system life cycle.

Cofit AP screen changers enable screening the majority of thermoplastic polymers, included the ones required for BOPP and BOPET film production.

Moreover, Cofit AP continuous screen changers require minimal maintenance and minimized investments.

Have a look at AP technical datasheet

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Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of continuous screen changers, either automatic or manual, suitable for any industrial applications and any materials, BOPP and BOPET thermoplastic film included. Contact us to manufacture high-quality thermoplastic film and discuss how to optimize your plastic extrusion system, equipping it with an efficient continuous screen changer involving low investments.

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