AP screen changer

Cambiafiltri Più Semplici Per Produzioni in Continuo

Cambiafiltri senza motore, né parti idrauliche né pneumatiche

Nella progettazione e realizzazione di sistemi di estrusione plastica per la produzione di applicazioni di elevata qualità ed in continuo, il cambiafiltro è una componente estremamente importante.

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Simpler screen changers for continuous production

Screen changers with no motor / hydraulic / pneumatic parts

Whenever designing and manufacturing plastic extrusion systems intended for the continuous production of high-quality applications, screen changer is an essential component.

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Mixing virgin and recycled raw materials for the production of plastic film

Screen changers for film from virgin/recycled raw materials

A shrewd selection of raw material characteristics and production processes is essential for the production of high-purity thermoplastic film.

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Continuous screen changers for the production of plastic film

Continuous screen changers for the production of plastic film

Worldly production of plastic film is ongoingly increasing, thus rocketing its demand and growing interest in it.

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How the Cofit AP series continuous screen changer works

Which are the operating principles of Cofit AP series screen changer? Particularly suitable for BOPP and BOPET film, Cofit AP manual, continuous, self-cleaning, and maintenance-free screen changer is a best-in-class performing, sturdy, and cost-effective solution.

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Come funziona il cambiafiltro continuo della serie AP di Cofit

come funziona un cambiafiltri continuo - AP di Cofit

Quali sono i principi di funzionamento di un cambiafiltro manuale, continuo e autopulente della serie AP, in particolare per film di BOPP, BOPET, che non richieda manutenzione?

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AP – Continuous and self-cleaning screenchanger

AP - Continuous self-cleaning screenchanger

Extrusion systems must be equipped with the right filtering equipment such as a screen changer to produce high-quality products.

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AP screenchanger - Cofit


Cofit Spare parts & Maintenance

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Better, faster, smarter extrusion with Cofit screen changers

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