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Sell and purchase recycled plastic - Clearchem
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Plastic extrusion screenchangers – worldwide market analysis 2020-2024

Plastic extrusion screenchanger worldwide market analysis - 2020-2024

This excerpt from an important report clarifies which are major trends shaping worldwide plastic extrusion screenchanger market over the next years.

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High-level filtration screenchangers to recycle post-consumer plastic

Post-consumer plastic recycling: advanced screenchangers

Post-consumer recycled plastic is an invaluable resource to produce eco-friendly high-quality affordable plastic.

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Industry 4.0 and screen changers intended for plastic extrusion

Industry 4.0 and screen changers for plastic extrusion

Today, major sector changes must be considered when designing and manufacturing screen changers intended for plastic extrusion, as well as for any other industrial sector, paying special attention to emerging development models connected with Industry 4.0.

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From smart plastics filtering to Circular Economy

In the circular economy model, plastics is a key element. Today, all plastics products are designed and manufactured with recycling in mind to avoid wasting resources and to minimize climate impact.

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Post-consumer plastic recycling: filtering in plastic extrusion systems

Post-consumer plastic recycling in screen changers

In plastics industry, filtering post-consumer waste is becoming increasingly strategic. In the circular economy era, using clean raw materials for plastic extrusion is getting less accessible and more expensive.

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Circular economy: plastics recycling and filtering of highly-contaminated post-consumer materials

Circular Economy: plastics recycling, post-consumer filtering - Cofit

In the circular economy, plastics recycling plays a key role and filtering of highly-contaminated post-consumer plastics materials becomes a strategic solution in any plastics production backdrop.

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Analisi del mercato mondiale dei cambiafiltri per estrusione plastica 2020-2024

Analisi e stime del mercato mondiale dei cambiafiltri 2020-2024

L’analisi estratta da un importante report che chiarisce quali sono le principali tendenze nel mercato mondiale dei cambiafiltri per sistemi di estrusione plastica nei prossimi anni.

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Global rotary screen changer market: analysis, growth and forecasts to 2025

2018 report on automatic/continuous screen filter market

Strong growth is driving the market of screen changers intended for plastics industry, backed by an ongoing evolution. Reliable forecasts for the near future are essential to any operator from the plastics extrusion sector.

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Riciclare plastica post-consumo con cambiafiltri ad alta filtrazione

Riciclo plastica post-consumo: cambiafiltri ad alta filtrazione

La plastica riciclata post-consumo è una risorsa inestimabile per produrre plastica di alta qualità, a basso costo e nel pieno rispetto dell’ambiente.

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