Plastic extrusion systems

Industry 4.0 and screen changers intended for plastic extrusion

Industry 4.0 and screen changers for plastic extrusion

Today, major sector changes must be considered when designing and manufacturing screen changers intended for plastic extrusion, as well as for any other industrial sector, paying special attention to emerging development models connected with Industry 4.0.

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From smart plastics filtering to Circular Economy

In the circular economy model, plastics is a key element. Today, all plastics products are designed and manufactured with recycling in mind to avoid wasting resources and to minimize climate impact.

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Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of plastics extrusion system

In plastics recycling process, several aspects must be considered to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of recycled plastics extrusion systems: sorting, grinding, shredding, washing, filtering, extrusion, just to name a few.

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COFIT nominated as finalist for Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019

Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019: Cofit to be finalist

We are proud to announce that Cofit has been nominated as finalist for Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019. At Plastics Recyclers Europe, the judges have put Gorillabelt T – Cofit automatic and continuous screen changer – on the shortlist for the best “Recycling Machinery Innovation of the Year”.

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A smarter, faster and more flexible plastic extrusion system

At Cofit, we have spent more than 50 years in designing and manufacturing screen changers intended for plastic extrusion.

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Post-consumer plastic recycling: filtering in plastic extrusion systems

Post-consumer plastic recycling in screen changers

In plastics industry, filtering post-consumer waste is becoming increasingly strategic. In the circular economy era, using clean raw materials for plastic extrusion is getting less accessible and more expensive.

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Run your plastic extrusion system better, faster, cheaper

Of course, technically speaking, our plant manufactures automatic and continuous screen changers.

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Circular economy: plastics recycling and filtering of highly-contaminated post-consumer materials

Circular Economy: plastics recycling, post-consumer filtering - Cofit

In the circular economy, plastics recycling plays a key role and filtering of highly-contaminated post-consumer plastics materials becomes a strategic solution in any plastics production backdrop.

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Global rotary screen changer market: analysis, growth and forecasts to 2025

2018 report on automatic/continuous screen filter market

Strong growth is driving the market of screen changers intended for plastics industry, backed by an ongoing evolution. Reliable forecasts for the near future are essential to any operator from the plastics extrusion sector.

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Targeting low energy automatic and continuous screen changers

Low energy consumption in automatic/continuous screen changers - Cofit International

Automatic and continuous screen changers play a crucial role in top quality, high performing extrusion line.

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