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Seven benefits from the installation of a continuous screen changer in a plastic recycling extrusion line

Seven benefits installing a continuous screen changer in plastic extrusion line

In plastic extrusion, the right screen changer for filtering process materials can be the key solution for your extrusion line; it can make the difference between profit and loss.

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Gorillabelt T screen changer - Cofit

The Latest EU Plastics Strategy is focusing on recycling

The new EU Plastics Strategy is focusing on recycling - Cofit

The European Commission has recently published (Jan 2018) the Plastics Strategy, the main reference document for the whole European plastic industry, with worldwide impacts.

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Follow our updates on filtering in extrusion, automatic and continuous screen changers, plastic and polymers materials, plastic extrusion processing, extrusion equipment lifecycle and maintenance, insights of local and global markets of plastic materials.

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Cofit: Automatic & Continuous Screen changers for Extrusion

Cofit: Automatic & continuous screen changers for plastic extrusion
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