The way to zero melt waste with automatic and continuous screen changers

The way to zero melt waste with automatic and continuous screen changers - Cofit International

When designing a plastics extrusion line, the basic issue in your plastics extrusion system is to minimize or zero melt waste, which significantly impacts on product quality as well as on your profit and loss accounts.

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Aiming at zero melt waste is key factor in any application and any industrial sector: agriculture, automotive, construction and building, packaging, food, plastics, textile, medical, and many others.

At any rate, design and run a zero melt waste extrusion system is just one kind of savings and benefits you can pursue. It is just the beginning. By selecting the most suitable automatic and continuous screen changer you can save time, resources and money in so many other ways. Let’s see how.

The right automatic and continuous screen changer

In most cases, the winning choice is to install an automatic and continuous screen changer in an extrusion line for recycled plastics.

Gorillabelt T by Cofit is the pace-setting automatic and continuous screen changer intended for plastics extrusion lines, and it ensures zero melt waste. Gorillabelt T is specifically designed to make you stay one step ahead and to save money.

The “Launch & Forget” concept

Gorillabelt T is an automatic and continuous screen changer. In other words, you can launch production and forget about it – no need for continuous line supervision – and achieve uninterrupted production process.

Gorillabelt T offers non-stop material flow with no substantial pressure peaks at screen changing. The filtering system features two melt channels, each complete with filtering element. Furthermore, the screen changer is entirely configurable and automatic, as well as remote controllable. Therefore, your filtering process does not require any operator to supervise and manage the system.

The perfect screen changer for filtering highly contaminated post-consumer plastics

Gorillabelt T is best suited for filtering the so-called smart raw materials, e.g. highly contaminated post-consumer plastics, featuring up to +10% contamination level, which means you can immediately start a money-saving production process by processing highly contaminated materials.

Zero melt waste

When filtering impurities in your extrusion line by standard-type screen changers, a certain amount of material is normally wasted, due to the machine operation mode.

Thanks to Gorillabelt T, you will be able to zero melt waste. In other words, your system will process all raw material with no waste.

Watch the video to understand our automatic and continuous screen changer detailed operation and to find out how Gorillabelt T is the perfect solution for your production line.

Extremely clean plastic material

By a filtering process delivering extremely clean polymers, you can manufacture top quality and enhanced value applications and materials. As a consequence, the filtering level is key factor to your final product quality and value. If a screen changer ensures 50µ filtering level, your final product can be used for the most complex and demanding applications – which means you are manufacturing an enhanced value product. Gorillabelt T actually offers filtering levels up to 50µ.

Minimized pressure drops at screen changing

It is essential to maintain min pressure gaps at screen changing – the issue may be critical for your product quality. Pressure peaks or drops at filtering may affect final product quality or result into a faulty product.

Gorillabelt T minimizes pressure peaks at screen changing, limiting them at 5-10 bars. Gorillabelt T pressure gaps are lower than the ones from the majority of screen changing systems: today, it is a remarkable performance. Gorillabelt T production process is more stable, thus rendering final product quality definitely higher.

Enhance your production output

The employ of a continuous screen changer means the increase in production output, thus improving your extrusion line profit and loss accounts.

Filtering PET and nylon

Standard screen changers can hardly filter PET and nylon. At extrusion stage, both PET and nylon undergo essential and sudden fluidity level change, thus becoming unstable and hard to process. Besides processing pellet, film, sheet, pipe, cable, profile, etc., Gorillabelt T has proven suitable for filtering PET and nylon effortlessly.

An energy-saving solution

Upon integrating an automatic and continuous screen changer into a plastics extrusion line, power consumption is key factor. Gorillabelt T max power consumption is lower than 25 kWh – power consumption levels are minimized if compared with similar systems. In other words, Gorillabelt T is an energy-saver system.

Conceived for easy maintenance

In addition to non-frequent maintenance interventions, Gorillabelt T is designed to ease component checks and maintenance by operators.

Gorillabelt T parts are not enclosed to be easily accessed. Its round steel frame is designed to prevent accidental impacts with major system parts, and to lift it easily as well as to rotate the entire system by the rotary platform underneath it, with no need to move the screen changer from its position. Being free from obstructions, Cofit screen changer allow for easy and quick maintenance interventions.

Gorillabelt T - Screen changer - Cofit International

Today, Cofit is at the forefront of screen changing – Gorillabelt T is the most innovative automatic and continuous screen changer intended for plastics recycling, and the only zero melt waste solution available on the market.

COFIT International

Cofit deals with research, engineering, manufacturing and distributing automatic and continuous screen changers intended for post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials.

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